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All workshops take place in person at the Smart Factory classroom in Minneapolis.


Responsive Design

With countless internet-enabled electronic devices on the market, users are accessing the web in more ways than we can test. Learn defensive design techniques that enable websites to respond to any physical device so that all users have a good experience, whether they are on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or anything in between.

As web creators, we are tasked with crafting in-browser experiences that delight. We have always known that web experiences need to be flexible, but this crazy, device-infested world we now inhabit offers us a whole new level of challenge. The good news is that web technology is catching up, and the young set of tools we have to handle this varied landscape is maturing.

In this 4 hour workshop, you will get hands-on experience with a broad array of contemporary responsive design techniques. We will touch on design considerations, but the emphasis will be on the tools and techniques of multi-device web development.

Responsive Design

What will I learn

  • Responsive design basics
  • Breakpoints and fluid layouts
  • High-density display considerations
  • Responsive user input
  • Front-end build tools

Who should take this workshop

This workshop is for designers, developers, and people with related roles that have an interest in expanding their understanding of responsive web design techniques.


  • A laptop with the text editor of your choice (for HTML/CSS/JS) and node.js installed is required.
  • Experience with HTML/CSS/JS.