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All workshops take place in person at the Smart Factory classroom in Minneapolis.


Password Management

In this workshop we'll change your life by teaching you how to use a password management app called 1Password. You'll learn the basics of strong password generation, automated log-ins, and mobile device synchronization so you will always have access to your accounts when you need it.

A password management application like 1Password allows you to generate, store, and share strong passwords in a secure vault. This is a hands-on workshop where we show you how to use the core features of 1Password to strengthen the security of your online presence and stop using the same password for all your accounts.

1Password can also be used to store many other types of data such as your address and credit card information so next time you are shopping online and don't feel like filling out the billing form, just access the information through 1Password and magically fill out the forms in a click.


What will I learn?

  • Generate and use strong passwords like NqmaBF9CmHMFRb2mi3be. Nobody will ever guess that!
  • Automatically and securely log in to any web account without knowing the username or password.
  • Share a login with anoter 1Password user. Never email plain passwords again.
  • Syncronize your encrypted password database over Dropbox to multiple devices such as a smartphone or multiple computers.
  • Securely store all types of information such as credit cards, bank accounts, social security numbers, addresses, coordinates to buried treasure, etc.

Who should attend this workshop?

If you currently use one or two passwords for ALL your accounts, this workshop is for you. If you carry around a notebook, sheet of paper, or keep a spreadsheet of all your usernames and passwords, this workshop is for you. If you use the internet, this workshop is for you!


Bring a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the 1Password app already installed. See for download information.