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All workshops take place in person at the Smart Factory classroom in Minneapolis.


Fundraising Hacks

Have an awesome tech startup but don’t know the first steps to approaching a potential investor for funding? Know the fundraising game before you play! This session will give you some proven tips and hacker tricks for approaching friends and family, angels investors, VCs or strategic investors for fundraising.

As an aspiring tech entrepreneur, approaching a potential fundraise for your company is distracting and confusing. We’ve all heard horror stories of this process but probably have also seen successful fundraises announced in the press. Sometimes the best tech startups do not get funding and that may have more to do about the approach to fundraising then the company’s actual potential.

This workshop will focus on some not-so-obvious tactics successful entrepreneurs have used to raise fundraising. This includes the key metrics investors look for, communication channels, financing lingo, and timeline expectations.

What will I learn?

  • 4 key metrics that every investor will ask for (and you should be ready for).
  • Who should I approach for investment based on key metrics?
  • How can I get an intro to an investor that I’ve never met?
  • What key financing mechanisms are used today and what you should negotiate on.
  • How much money should I raise?
  • Much, much more

Who should take this course?

  • Startup founders
  • Hackers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Curious folks