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All workshops take place in person at the Smart Factory classroom in Minneapolis.


Android Wear

Leverage existing Android knowledge to extend and enhance existing applications for Android Wear. Design and create wearable apps that run directly on the wearable device or sync data between Android Wear and handhelds.

Responsive Design

This half-day workshop is for Android developers who want to get up to speed with the Android Wear SDK from Google. Learn to create stand alone wearable applications and make your current handset applications make use of new Android Wear capabilities.

Wearable computing is the next frontier in mobile application development. This workshop explores the Android Wear platform in-depth to give developers the knowledge they need to best take advantage of the new platform.

What will I learn?

This workshop will cover the basic and advanced capabilities of Android Wear, including:

  • Adding wearable features to notifications
  • Creating wearable apps
  • Sending and Syncing Data
  • Android wear design principles
  • Handling voice actions
  • Reading data from wearable device sensors
  • Debugging over bluetooth

Who should take this workshop?

Android developers who want an extensive overview of Android Wear and who want to quickly get the know-how they need to develop wearable apps and enhance handset applications to provide users with meaningful wearable experiences.


  • Android expertise