Livefront's community classroom and collaboration space.

Smart Factory is a creative space made by Livefront for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. We use it for our own work, but also make it available to our clients and the community for meetings, workshops, off-sites, and small events.

Small Events

Perfect for small events, meetup groups, or hack nights. Configurable with 16 desks of with desks pushed aside to make room for an additional 20 folding chairs.

Large Meetings

Our 16 desks and chairs can be arranged into any configuration to create a workshop-style meeting environment or a large conference table.


And inspiring space for workshops and small classroom activities. The space includes lots of light, two whiteboards, a large display, 16 desks and chairs.

Off-Site Strategy

From board meetings to working sessions to off-site strategy discussions, the Smart Factory community space is great for getting away from the day-to-day office.

Brought to you by Livefront

Our team at Livefront originally created this space to host courses and workshops related to software design and development. And while we still offer workshops occasionally, we discovered that our largest contribution to the community through Smart Factory was the space itself. Since opening in 2013 we have hosted hundreds of people and organizations who use it for tech- and design-related events, meetup groups, hack nights, strategic meetings, and off-sites.